The team at HydroWorks takes pride in designing and producing turbines that push the boundaries of efficiency. The technical challenges involved in delivering best in class turbines are matched only by the creativity and innovation demonstrated by our engineers.


There are several key pieces of technology and hardware that enable Hydroworks to remain on the cutting edge.


  • We have specialised Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) code that takes ‘design intent’ and produces physical geometries. This is in contrast to most codes that can only analyse a predefined geometry.
  • The pressures calculated during our CFD analysis feed directly into our Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software to determine stresses and fatigue performance.
  • Our Hydraulic Test Rig enables detailed model testing to be carried out.
  • HydroWorks has governing and hydraulic transients analysis capability.
  • We also undertake vibration mode and shaft whirling analysis.




The Huntsman Code


HydroWorks uses the Huntsman Code in the design of hydro turbines. The Huntsman code enables us to exploit world-leading Computational Fluid Dynamics modeling in conjunction with state of the art Finite Element Analysis to ensure that our turbines, valves, gates, vanes and pipes are ahead of the pack even before our precision manufacturing team get to work. As a result our cavitation performance and efficiencies are best in class.

CFD can typically predict absolute accuracies to within 1 to 4% of efficiency. This is a function of the number of parts being modelled, the complexity of the flow that is present (large scale separations pose special problems) and mesh sensitivity/turbulence model used.  At HydroWorks we start with a reputable baseline design to calibrate the CFD model. Then we iterate the design to correct small deficiencies. This is a process that enables HydroWorks to consistently obtain ‘state of the art’ performances. Typically through our approach, we can resolve down to 0.1% in CFD efficiency.





Our Hydraulic Test Rig

As HydroWorks is committed to delivering real world efficiency gains to our customers our dedication to improving our designs does not stop with our design team. The data gathered from the Hydraulic Test Rig feeds back into both the Huntsman Code and our Finite Element Analysis further refining the designs and enhancing efficiency.