Efficiency Testing


Hydrodynamic Efficiency Testing

HydroWorks has experience in administering field tests to determine the hydraulic performance of hydraulic turbines, storage pumps and pump-turbines. We test to IEC 60041.

Hydraulic Model Testing

In our pursuit of ever more efficient and cost effective turbine designs HydroWorks runs a model testing facility at our Christchurch headquarters. Our state of the art test facility allows us to verify and validate our computational models and ensures we remain on the cutting edge of turbine efficiency and cavitation performance.

Thermodynamic Testing

We offer state of the art thermodynamic efficiency testing as a consulting service for stations with net heads in excess of 80 m.

HydroWorks has developed a suite of equipment we use to take in situ measurements of turbines before, during and after commissioning. The in situ measurements can validate the efficiencies calculated throughout the design and testing process and provides detailed information to our customers. Our customers can then make well informed decisions during turbine operation, better delivering real world, ‘power down the wire’, efficiency gains.