InRace Solutions

InRace Solution

Turnkey Excellence

The team here at HydroWorks has developed a standardised, water-to-wire, mini hydro solution for owners and operators of irrigation schemes. We call it the InRace Solution.
A typical InRace station consists of;

  • A standard set of civil works to build up a 4-11m net head
  • An innovative, low head, InRace propeller turbine coupled with a high efficiency synchronous generator unit
  • A powerhouse that houses the electrical and control system.
  • A return on investment of 10-20%

HydroWorks offers a full engineering, procurement and construction contract and an ongoing maintenance option that takes the risk and complexity of hydro generation off the hands of the scheme operator.


There are some more advantages and key features of the InRace Solution that makes it a sound addition to almost any irrigation project.

The InRace Solution generates a second revenue stream for the irrigation scheme

  • Enhancing the economics of the scheme
  • Future proofing against rising electricity prices

Every aspect of the InRace Solution has been designed to minimise initial and ongoing costs without compromising efficiency

  • Standardised civil works minimise site specific modifications and design
  • InRace Generators are modular and deliverable on the back of a Hiab truck

The InRace Generator is controlled by a proprietary HydroWorks electronic governor specifically designed to enable high efficiency generation over a wide range of heads and flows

  • Irrigation scheme operators do not have to compromise power generation when managing water supply to the scheme customers

Innovative, low head, high efficiency propeller turbine coupled with a state of the art generator. Designed as a high quality, cost effective hydro solution.

Scope: Complete ‘water-to-wire’ electro-mechanical supply.
Optional full Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) contract.
Optional long term service and maintenance agreement
Applications: Irrigation race drop structures, low head river sites, dams, energy recovery systems.
Head: 4 – 11 m
Discharge: 4 – 9 m3/s
Nominal Output: 600 kW at 8 m3/s with an 9 m head
Efficiency: >87% for flow ranges from 40-100% of maximum

InRace Station Mockup Close Up 800_600_80

A typical InRace Station

InRace Station Mockup Far 800_600_80

InRace has a minimal impact on the rural vista

Fully adjustable HydroWorks  InRaceTurbine 800_600_80

State of the art adjustable InRace Turbine

Mayfield Hinds Canal (14) 800_600_80

A perfect InRace opportunity





in-race_runner 600_800_80

InRace Turbine runner manufacturing

InRace ready to ship 800_600_80

InRace ready for delivery

Fereday Island In-Line Turbine 800_600_80

InRace Station with a 4.8 m head

MotuKawa Inrace turbine 220kW 800_600_80

220 kW InRace Station