Amethyst Hydro Scheme


Amethyst Hydro Scheme

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HydroWorks was involved in the design and manufacture of the 8 MW hydro station at Amethyst. This station was commissioned in July 2013 and has a number of ‘firsts’ in New Zealand and Australia:

  • It is the first 6 jet vertical Pelton turbine
  • It is also the first large Pelton turbine that uses deflector governing to maintain grid stability

Grid Support

The electricity grid south of Hokitika on the scenic west coast of NZ is vulnerable to local feeder trips. There are several small hydro stations south of Hokitika, but these are unable to maintain grid stability in the event of a feeder tripping out.

Amethyst has been designed to accept up to 7 MW of local load in a black start condition, and reject up to 7 MW of load whilst transitioning stably to local control and islanded operation. Trials have shown this concept to work well. Spears are used only to economise on water, with turbine speed being controlled by the deflectors.

Client: Amethyst Hydro Ltd
(Westpower 88%, Hari Hari Hydro 12%)
Location: Hari Hari, New Zealand
Scope: Mechanical design, manufacture and installation of 6 jet vertical Pelton
Head: 394 m
Discharge: 2.1 m3/s
Nominal Output: 8,000 kW
Commissioning: 2013

Amethyst Intake

Amethyst Intake

089-0001 GENERAL ASSEMBLY 23Aug2013_07 600_800_80

6 jet vertical Pelton design

Amethyst distributor - bending stress - symmetry section - all segments 600_600

Detailed analysis of  the distributor


DSC00228 600_1070_80

Installed turbine/generator unit


IMG_20130215_154755 800_600_80

The turbine runner seen from the draft tube

P1050051 600_800_80

High quality Rexroth Hydraulic Power Unit

IMG_20130214_162509 600_800_80

Amethyst Switchboard    

IMG_20130214_162459 800_600_80

One of the Amethyst cubicles