Highbank Bifurcation


Highbank Pumphouse Bifurcation

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3.0 m Bifurcation

HydroWorks undertook the design and manufacturing support of the 3000mm diameter bifurcation at Highbank pump station – the largest in New Zealand. A bifurcation was needed as the pump station utilised the existing Highbank hydro station penstock to pump water back up the hill into the headrace.
Two unusual design requirements were present in this project:

  • To connect to the existing pipe work embedded in the pumphouse anchor the downstream pipe exit was designed with ovality.
  • the existing penstock needed to be moved 40 mm upslope – a nontrivial design project in its own right.
Client: TrustPower Ltd
Location: Canterbury, New Zealand
3000 mm penstock bifurcation
Commissioned: 2010

HighbankTrailer 800_600_80

Highbank Bifurcation  

Highbank 4 800_600_80

Offloading the Bifurcation 

Highbank 3 800_600_80

Final Seating


Highbank Bifurcation Design 800_445

Bifurcation Design