Climate Defender

Climate Defender

Hydro in a box

The HydroWorks Climate Defender is a hydro power solution designed to fulfil a wide range of use cases, be easily deployable and require minimum investment and expertise to operate.

The Climate Defender is a compact and complete hydro generation unit. It can be supplied in a standard 20′ shipping container or on a skid of the same footprint. This means that onsite commissioning times are dramatically reduced.


The Climate Defender is an industry leading hydro solution because

  • Each system is assembled and fully tested in our workshops before delivery
  • Installation time is much shorter than conventional hydro solutions
  • The HydroWorks Vertical Pelton turbine demonstrates world class efficiencies – the result of years of design refinement.

Containerised hydro generation solution
Complete turnkey supply


2-4 jet vertical Pelton
State of the art generator
All station services and control systems


Container - 8300 kg
Skid – 3800 kg


Up to 120 m head 


Up to 100 l/s 

Nominal Output:

120 kW with 143 l/s at 100 m head 

Efficiency: > 88% for 15-100% of max flow
(4 jet model)